Colorado Association of Tiger Owners (CATO)

26 years of Funbeaming!!

This is a special year for CATO - we're celebrating our 26th anniversary!

A couple of Tiger owners got together and decided, "hey, why not?!". So they did some organizing and our club was born in the fall of '75.

Well, I have the newspaper articles from Tiger Vail 1 in '78, photos from SUNI I, a SUNI II program...This club just sort of grew and mutated thru the years. Unfortunatly, the records and photo albums that I give a home to only seem to go back to 1977 - and we still have club members from those year!!

Daryl Beachy (no longer in CO), Dave & Judy McDermott, Don & Carol Perez and Terry Rice are still keeping the club going into this new millineum. There are countless others who've either moved from Colorado or parted with their Rootes machines, but they'll always be part of the CATO family.

As this is a special year for us, if you know of any former CATO members please send 'em our way. Our monthly meetings (2nd Wednesday of the month) are being held as a round robin BBQ thru the summer - if folks are in town, please join us!

We hope to really turn out in force for the 2000 Colorado English Conclave in September.

Also, if you have any photos, memories, or records of the old days, please send them to me or our newsletter editor - we really want to document the club's history especially for our newer members!!

Ken Tisdale
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Colorado Association of Tiger (really all Rootes vehicles) Owners
9223 Hoyt St.
Westminster, CO 80021

ph: 303-432-9942
President: Dave McDermott

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Bill Pass
14820 W. 58th Place
Golden, Co 80403

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Anyone who would like to contribute to this effort should contact us at Editor E-Mail. Thank you.

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