NorCal SAAC - Northern California Shelby North American Automobile Club

Statement of Purpose Purpose of the Organization The Northern California Region of the Shelby American Automobile Club (a.k.a. the Shelby Club and Nor Cal SAAC) is a membership club which operates for the primary purpose of promoting the preservation, ownership, and operation of high performance Fords with special emphasis on cars produced and/or influenced by Carroll Shelby. We hope to promote a favorable relationship with the general motoring public and local communities and to educate them about the club cars. How We Will Achieve That Purpose The club offers a range of activies from social to performance. We organize car shows of our own and participate in other local and regional car shows not sponsored by our group. We offer activities such as rallies and tours, sometimes alone and sometimes in cooperation with other clubs. In-house social gatherings such as a Valentine's party and a Christmas party are opportunities to offer club members a change of pace, to bring their families, and provide events sometimes subsidized and sometimes fully paid for by the club. Of course, our open track events, weekends of high-speed track activity where we take our cars out to perform as they were built to, are a staple of the club activities.

National Chapter:   203 364-0449   Web Site
Los Angeles Region:   213 387-3900   Web Site
Northern California:   408-987-7765   Web Site
Southern California:   619 438-1601    
Motor City:   E-Mail   Web Site

Updated: 8/16/99

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