Tiger Fuel Gauge Restoration,
"Put on a Happy Face!"

An Article by Joe Parlanti
March, 2002

Page 1

  • General Description

Restoration of the Alpine and Tiger Fuel gauges are relatively straightforward operations and can easily be performed by the amateur. The two gauges are identical in their operation so we’ll concentrate on the fuel gauge for this document. They are simple devices and restoration is generally just a matter of a thorough cleaning.

  • Disassembly

    The first task is to remove the stainless bezel. There may be a rubber O-ring behind the bezel that is easily removed with tweezers or a small pick. To remove the bezel, twist it until the 3 tabs line up with the corresponding slits in the gauge case. This may be difficult as the rubber gasket between the bezel and the glass has probably deteriorated to a brittle, hard, glue. I’ve found that using a rubber jar opener works great for getting the bezel to turn. Once the bezel is removed, you’ll need to get this stuff out of the part. You can sometimes chip it out but I found that soaking it in carburetor cleaner or similar solvent would loosen it up enough to get it out.

    After the bezel is removed, the glass will come out easily.

    Next remove the outer gauge face as shown here:

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