"Auto-Cruisin' in the Tiger"

An Article by Larry Paulick
November, 2002

Preface: Larry Paulick describes his installation of a Cruise Control kit into the Tiger for those long drives. For "Tigers Against Right Foot Cramps" or "TARFC"

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Cruise Control for Your Tiger or Alpine

On a longer trip, it’s nice to have cruise control for lots of reasons that you already know. There were several suggestions recently on the newer cruise control units available. I chose a Audiovox CCS-100 unit available from Pep Boys, for about $95. The unit includes everything you will need to install the cruise control, with lots of parts left over when you use the method I chose.

This unit has an ON/Off switch, a set/accelerate, decelerate, and reset switch. It is lighted for night operation.

The unit is made up of the Servo Assembly, the Control Switch, and the Magnetic Speed Sensor Unit, along with various parts to assembly the unit.

Here is one installation on a Tiger or similar for an Alpine.

The Servo Assembly

You can mount the servo assembly in the engine compartment, but the area under the foot support on the passenger’s side of the car appears to be ideal. This get the servo away from heat, provides a solid mounting location, the electrical connections and vacuum line are easy to connect, and the cable to the carb is just the right length mounted in this location.

Vacuum Source

The servo need a vacuum source, and the carb base plate, on this Holley Double Pumper provided the source. Look at your carb for a vacuum source, but do not tap into the brake servo line. A vacuum line runs along the firewall and through the right side of the firewall where the electrical harness passes through, and then on to the servo assembly.

Cable Routing

The cable mounts to the carb can be snaked under the dash area, and through the firewall to the carb area. In this installation a new hole was drilled to the right of the throttle cable, to keep the two cables parallel to each other. A grommet for the hole was also used, to prevent hot air intrusion from the engine compartment into the passenger area.

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