Schedule of Free Service
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In overseas territories, free service is carried out at different
mileages in accordance with locally accepted practice, or what we can get away with.


Fill to correct level with cheapest fluid handy. Do not overfill.
Engine Check oil level and top up if necessary. Check for oil leaks to assure they are properly present. Adjust to allow leakage to spec., as necessary.
Check ignition and reset contact breaker gap. Adjust carburettor slow running. Check tension of fan belt and generator adjusting nuts and bolts for tighness. Bandage cut knuckles.
Check master cylinder attachment bolts for tightness, as this may have been mnissed at the factory 500 miles ago.
Check pipe unions and bleeder screw and tighten if necessary, for the same reason above.
Gearbox Check oil level and top up if necessary, as it often leaks out in 500 miles.
Rear Axle Drain (when hot) and refill. If not hot, run around the block a few times.
Front Suspension
and Steering
Check wheel camber and track and adjust if necessary.
Check and examine the following:-
Wheel bearings for smoothness and end float.
Steering arm bolts for tightness.
Split pin securing front hub nuts. If not installed at factory, put one in..
Steering rack fixing bolts.
Steering ball joints.
Upper and lower swivel bearing nuts for tightness and lower ball joint bracket fixing.
Bolts securing upper and lower fulcrum pns to frame for tightness. (Ignore fulcrum pin, itself, as they are indestructible)
Bolts securing front crossmember to frame.
Alignment of ball pins.
Ignore steering rack, we don't want to deal with this issue.
Chassis Details Check rear spring "U" bolts. Replace if missing.
Check prop-shaft coupling bolts for tightness. If not tight, make a note.
Check exhaust system bolts for tightness. We do want the right amount of rattle of the pipes against the frame to add to the sporting experience.
Value - It's FREE! Our motto is:-
"You get the value you pay for!"

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