"The Tiger Ackerman Angle"

An Article by Larry Paulick
April, 2002

Page 2

This was a great help to this problem, but from what I have read, it did not proceed further, in the way or a design change, with Rootes, or aftermarket kits.

Another racer , Dale's Restorations (Akuszewski) , took a different approach to correcting this problem. Dale’s efforts were a result of the Tech Inspectors not liking his Tiger rack and pinion, and the inherent sloppiness of the rack and pinion arms, because they do not have bushings, common in other rack and pinions.

So Dale, made an engineering change, that not only gave him a better rack and pinion, but one that is much quicker turning, with a 2.7:1 vs. a Tigers 3.7:1 lock to lock.
He also added MGB steering arms, which made a major correction in the Ackerman angle problem in the stock Tiger. These arms are longer, and are bent outboard more than the Tiger.

Dale has this change available as a bolt on kit, which will not change the front cross member, in case you want to put your old suspension back in the Tiger. You can contact him at: 909-799-2099, http://www.dalesresto.com/

I decided to go with this kit. I am using 195/50-15 tires in the front, on 15” Panasport wheels. Check with Dale for your wheel / tire combination, and the kits application to your car.

Parts Dale Supplies:

1. An aluminum adapter, with bolts, to bolt the MG Midget R&P to the Tiger cross member, without modification to the Tiger cross member. You can restore the Tiger to its original condition, as no cutting or other modifications are required.

(photo 194)

Dale's R&P Adapter and Midget R&P

2. Adjustable Extensions for the ends of the R&P arms, to connect the R&P arms to the tie rod ends. These are also used to set the toe adjustment.

Dale's Adjustable Extension and Alpine, MGB Parts

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